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- S.Margherita Novello
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S. Margherita Novello
Product Specification
Production area: Tuscia VT Italy
Olivegroves: Sud-Sud Est 400- 500 s/m
Brand: S. Margherita Est Est Est
Varietals: Frantoio Olivella
Harvest system: Picking by hand
Time in hours between harvest and pressing: 15 max
Months of harvest: October / December
Acidity: free 0,2% on average at production
Peroxides No.: (meq02/Kg oil) 5,9 on average
Storage: stainless steel constant temperature
Available formats

NOVELLO Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior quality is produced from Olivella and Frantoio olives. Freshly pressed from the first harvest of each season, this oil represents autumn in Italy in all its glory and splendour. The rich non-filtered oil captures the flavours of the wild fields in which this fruit thrives. This oil will be particularly pleasing to those who cherish nature at its best and products which are processed in traditional ways.
The rich amber and green colour is due to the particles of olive pulp in suspension. This olive oil become milder and will mellow as the months pass. This limit, seasonal product is best enjoyed on bruschetta, pinzimonio or simply drizzled to finish a dish.