- S. Margherita Est! Est!! Est!!! ®
- S. Margherita Bio Organic
- Falisco ® DOP Tuscia
- S.Margherita Novello
- Garlic
- Orange
- Basil
- Wild Fennel
- Lemon
- Roman Mint
- Oregano
- Chilli Pepper
- Rosemary
- Millefiori
- Shallot
- Acacia
- Chestnut
- Millefiori
Product Specification

It is one of the most appreciated monoflora honey. It has a delicate flavour and light fragrance. The Acacia honey is suggested not only for a rich healthy breakfast but also for various specialities-food. It is considered by gourmets an extraordinary companion with some cheeses.

Available formats

We are proud to present the HONEY of our production carried out in the territories of Lubriano and Bagnoregio according to the regulations of Chamber of Commerce of Viterbo. In fact our honey is certified and is labeled with the identifying mark of Tuscia Viterbese. It is a natural product of high quality.
No added ingredients. No manipulation.
Honey is particularly suggested for the babyhood as well as the elderly diet , for the people doing a sport or carrying on a steady brain work.
Honey is a natural sweetener composed of carbohydrates and water besides traces enzymes, minerals, vitamins and aminoacids.
Honey maintains the natural substances of the high nutritional value with a strong energy-producing thanks to its components that supply to the body some essential elements as fructose, sodium and potassium .
Besides honey is used and appreciated also for gastronomy.
It is interesting to consider how honey has been always used since ancient times particularly by the civilized peoples.