- S. Margherita Est! Est!! Est!!! ®
- S. Margherita Bio Organic
- Falisco ® DOP Tuscia
- S.Margherita Novello
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- Orange
- Basil
- Wild Fennel
- Lemon
- Roman Mint
- Oregano
- Chilli Pepper
- Rosemary
- Millefiori
- Shallot
- Acacia
- Chestnut
- Millefiori
S. Margherita Est! Est!! Est!!! ®
Product Specification
Production area: Tuscia VT Italy
Olivegroves: Sud-Sud Est 400- 500 s/m
Brand: S. Margherita Est Est Est
Varietals: Leccino, Frantoio, Olivella
Harvest system: Picking by hand
Time in hours between harvest and pressing: 15 max
Months of harvest: October / December
Acidity: free 0,2% on average at production
Peroxides No.: (meq02/Kg oil) 5,9 on average
Storage: stainless steel constant temperature
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The characteristics of our hilly ground of volcanic origin rich of potassium and natural substances , together with environmental weather conditions favour the olive cultivation of special quality suitable for the production of an extra virgin olive oil considered one of the most precious Italian products. Our S. Margherita Est Est Est Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced by three olive varietals: Leccino, Frantoio and Olivella. Olive cultivation in the Tuscia region, that is in our territories, is realized since the Etruscans and Ancient Romans times. It is a generational experience which has passed down over the centuries. It represents our heritage and even more our passion, besides respect for our ancestors together with pride in being the worthy executors of a timeless project of Mother Nature. We too have played our part by respectfully managing the cultivation of our olivegroves. The production is the result of our unceasing engagement throughout the production cycle from cultivation of olive to the bottling of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Everything is planned and realized in our Firm because it's possible to reach definitely our goal to make a product of high quality.