Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the main food of gastronomy. Really it has an irreplaceable role, it bestows food a particular fragrance that results at the same time useful for its therapeutic power. Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Tuscia zone is extraordinary when consumed cold due to its organoleptic characteristics. If used hot for the cooking of foods, use the instructions of the recipe. Extra Virgin olive Oil by now is considered one of the fundamental elements of the Mediterranean Diet synonym for health and pleasure of food.

The Mediterranean Diet rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, fish and Extra Virgin Olive Oil along with a healthy and active lifestyle is one of the basic secrets for a primary system of well being.

Nature has given important substances to the olive and consequently to its oil having an important function in an antioxidant action, it also has the merit of contributing with its vivacious, fragrant, slightly bitter and spicy taste, appetizing foods.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil represents an essential food in the Mediterranean Diet and, besides, represents the ideal condiment for a healthy food.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil may be used everyday when at the dining table or in the kitchen, in any case always good for health thanks to its components.

Its beneficial effects are numerous whether in the feeding of children, of someone who plays sports or for prevention against cardiovascular disease besides the beneficial effects with digestion and in the hypo caloric diet.

The fat acids are present in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated form which have a fundamental function for a healthy diet.

It is important to underline the fact that present in Extra Virgin olive Oil are substances such as polifenols and vitamin E, which medical studies confer the role of potent oxidants irreplaceable for defending our organism from cellular aging.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that Extra Virgin Olive Oil favours the normalization of blood pressure and protects from the formation of gall-stones.