All of us , CIMARELLO family are proud to dedicate ourselves since five generations to the agriculture and to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is a culture and a passion from which we get a boundless satisfaction.

The respect that we have for Nature, the consideration for the wonderful fruits of the soil, the love for our work and the satisfaction of our customers are all good reasons of our enthusiasm and our will to better by perseverance the results of the activity.

Our family, owner of various farms with specialization in different agricultural production as fruits, vegetables, cereals, olives, honey , as well as boast ownership of FRANTOIO CIGO s.a.s. di CIMARELLO LUIGI & C. carrying on its activity in our family-owned olivegroves across length and breadth of 1200 hectares spreading out in the area of Upper Latium (Viterbo District), the Lower Tuscany ( Siena District) and Umbria (Terni District).

In our farms, the olives are grown up and handled with care as children.
We keep old-time technique of cultivation having as specific result the production of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil S. Margherita Est Est Est of superior quality and the renowned DOP TUSCIA besides the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

With our S. Margherita Est Est Est we prepare together with citrus and herbs, some Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oils with a wide assortment: lemon, orange, basil, oregano, rosemary, garlic, chilli pepper, wild fennel, Roman mint.

The lands where are our olivegroves have volcanic origin, rich of potassium and nutritive microelements that together with environmental weather conditions favour the olive cultivation of special quality suitable for the production of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a very low grade of acidity, delicate and savoury , considered an olive oil among the most precious ones in Italy.

Olive cultivation in our land, the TUSCIA area, arise from ancient times, Etruscans and Romans were excellent teachers.

It is a generational experience which has been passed down over the centuries. It not only represents our heritage but above all it is our passion and respect for our ancestors together with pride in being the worthy executors of a timeless project of Mother Nature.

We too have played our part by respectfully managing the cultivation of our olivegroves as well as the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with different selection with specific marks :

To give a worthy goal to the excellent quality of the olives, we have set up in the same area, just our oil-mill, a pressing system that represents a jewel of modern food technology. It enables the cold pressing of the olives according to the natural traditional method under a control system of the extraction phase. We are proud and grateful to receive the fruits by Mother Nature. Among other things, we have our own equipment for the natural self-production of electric power for our company requirements thanks to the photovoltaic panels and biomass plant. We respect NATURE always and in any occasion.

Our farm produce also HONEY. It is obtained in the territories of Lubriano and Bagnoregio in the Viterbo district. Our production include three fine types of honey:

Acacia one of the most appreciated monoflora honey
Millefiori nectar of many flowers
Chestnut with a characteristic intense taste

No preservatives, without manipulation. Also the production of HONEY proves our respect for NATURE.